About us

MèDISIN is a state-of-the-art food supplement company specialised in the research, development and sale of nutraceutical and topical products.

Our company was created in 2011 by Mr. Piero Montesanto, a renowned entrepreneur and engaged inventor of many successful products in the field of neurology, phlebology, gastroenterology and ophthalmology. The rapid growth let MèDISIN become a successful company with its state-of-the-art products in the formulation and accurate in the realisation, in cooperation with key partners sharing with MèDISIN the attention to quality and innovation.

At present, MèDISIN is guided by Mr. Montesanto’s daughter and son with passion and determination along with the close cooperation of a close-knit and efficient team that has been working with passion and enthusiasm to increase the company’s performance for years. The medical information is entrusted to a skilled and experienced group of trained professionals.

The products by MèDISIN are addressed both to general medical practitioners and specialised doctors.